Dreamland Ballroom

Project Runway Designer holds Photo Shoot at the Dreamland Ballroom

modelstairss.jpgWhile the Dreamland Ballroom is not quite ready to book events, she (I think “Dreamland” is a girl) has been garnering quite a lot of attention. Word of Dreamland’s enchanting aura has spread among photographers and she has been getting a lot of press. I have always felt that I could feel the ghosts of Duke Ellington and other great musicians that once played within her walls, but apparently the custom woodwork, faded and chipped plaster, and abundant windows make for a fantastic photo shoot.

When Photographer Jason Masters called requesting a photo shoot, we were more than happy to oblige. Dreamland is a national treasure and such treasures should be shared. And when we learned that the photo shoot was for Little Rock’s own designer, Korto Momolu from Season 5 of Project Runway, we were ecstatic. We had a little photo shoot of our own to record the event. Take a look. I think this proves that while it’s true that “One day you are in, the next you are out,” it is also true that beauty endures. And as sure as Dreamland was once magnificent, even in decay she is still beautiful. Soon she will be restored to her former grandeur and get a second chance at fame.

We took a few pictures to show you how cool it was.