Jason’s Blog

Wow. These days, it seems, all I do is human resources. Today a rather interesting guy applied for an entry level position with my company. He is a friend of a friend. I kinda felt like we should switch places and he should be interviewing me. In fact the more I get to know him, I think he is management material.

Anyway, his resume is unusual, he has been a script writer for several very notable prime time TV shows, i.e. Touched By an Angel. Why is he sitting in front of me applying for an entry level job? Midlife crisis he says. I can certainly identify with that.

With all this said, look for Jason’s Blog, next to mine. He is fun to read and doesn’t really care what I think, which should make him even more fun to read. Get Jason’s macabre view as he learns the flag business and writes from the inside out about the industry and more specifically about the cast of Flag and Banner.