Since I am from the South, I like leaving my g’s off words. It makes me feel like I’m writin in dialect.

Anyway, I have always thought my day-dreamin, especially during class and right before I fall asleep, have had a lot to do with my success. I am a good daydreamer. Growing up I visualized the house I wanted to live in, the building I wanted to work in, the clothes I wanted to buy and, of course, the men I wanted to date. Did I say men? I mean man.

Now that I am older my daydreams have turned to night-dreams. I can’t sleep and I have all these really weird dreams. What do they mean? My gut feelin is, nothing, I am just brain dumpin the day’s activities. But what if I am wrong and they are tied to a more deeper meanin? Maybe even a spiritual one.

My church, Trinity Episcopal, is exploring the idea of Natural Spirituality and has begun a Sunday school class on dream studies. A thousand years ago the Christian church and dreams where united in their quest for knowledge. It is a 4 week study. I will let you know if I find out the meanin of life.