I Don’t Know If I Am Ecstatic Or Furious

I don’t know if I am ECSTATIC OR FURIOUS to find out that has over 60 thousand current customers that we’ve NOT been mailing to. Ecstatic because, “Oh boy, I have 60k more customers that I can market to!” Or furious because “Why haven’t we been mailing to them already!”

This all came to light recently, when I hired a direct mail service to sort and scrub our database.’s customer list has just gotten too big for even the best excel guru to manage it properly. When the customer account numbers came back, it showed we had 110,000 current customers. What? That doesn’t add up! We’re only emailing 50,000.

That’s when my sales/marketing manager jumped into action and did what she loves to do…problem solve.

Starting next week, we begin the slow process of reintroducing ourselves to past customers. This is when I get ecstatic. This is what makes business creative and fulfilling. And as for the other side of the coin, (the furious side) I will have to practice what I preach… “So What. What now?”

Now…we make some sales.