Learning Through Their Eyes

Being a practical business woman, I told ALL my children to skip college and use the money to buy a house. I told them by the time their friends graduated from college with a BS in debauchery, they could have already flipped the house, made some real money and found a career they liked through job-hopping and experimentation.

But alas, as with all children, they are going to do the opposite of whatever their parents tell them to do. So, all four of my off-spring have a bachelor degree of some kind and this past weekend, my youngest son, Jack, graduated with a Master of Science in Horticulture from MSU in New Mexico. No, he is not going to grow pot, though he would be good at it and it is a burgeoning industry.

I must confess that this graduation made me proud of my children. All of them. Together for the graduation, I observed the family millennials and two things occurred to me: 1) they are all comfortable on a college campus (much more so than I am) and 2) they represent and are the upcoming faces of America and the world. They’re going to make the world a better place evident by their comfortable exchange with intelligent friends from all nations, religions, sexuality, haircuts and dress codes. I feel so encouraged and hopeful about the future when I see the world through their open and optimistic eyes.

Of his own accord this fall, Jack will be off to Ohio State for his PHD. In a few days, he will pack up his life of the last two years, say goodbye to his New Mexico friends he has grown so close to (and who I partied too much with on Friday night) and leave. While he nervously awaits the next stage of his life and education that the fall will bring, he is going to be helping us out at, during our busy season. I know the shipping department would love some extra hands.