Arkansas Flag and Banner would be missed

Arkansas Flag and Banner is important to flag customers

As the owner of Arkansas Flag and Banner I get a lot of offers in the mail. Mostly junk but sometimes some really cool things land on my desk. This year American Express, the credit card company, recently tried to solicit my business by sending me a book about entrepreneurs. A few years ago they sent me a really cool, remote, helicopter in an attempt to get me to join, the flying mechanism was withheld till after application. But this year’s teaser is different; I get to enjoy it immediately.

The book they sent “Heart, Smarts, Guts, and Luck” is the work of three prominent business leaders who put together a compilation of research and interviews with hundreds of business builders from across the globe.

It has been a great read and validated many of my thoughts like: we entrepreneurs often consider our business like our child; I refer to Arkansas Flag and Banner as my first born. And I have often said I am ambitious and passionate and not that smart. The book calls these traits “Heart” and says it is the most important trait of a successful entrepreneur.

Sometimes we all wonder, “What’s it all about?” In this book it gave me some real food for thought. They called it a business’s litmus test. Ask yourself the question, “If your business was gone tomorrow would it be missed?” Arkansas Flag and Banner would ABSOLUTELY be missed! In fact, we would be missed by thousands. Not just in Arkansas but around the world.

We have been experts in the flag business for almost 40 years. Arkansas’ boast many things: Over 22,000 products online, and my favorite boast “Quality Products, Expert Service, Outrageous Support” and of course “More than just a flag store!”

Kerry McCoy is founder and president of and owner of historic Taborian Hall where the famous Dreamland Ballroom resides. She is also publisher of Brave Magazine. If you would like to interview Kerry or have her speak at your event contact