Why do the Duggers have to be from Arkansas?

I saw the Duggers, family of 19, on the Today Show this morning. They seem to be very nice people and very efficient in their life management and child rearing. But I am embarrassed to admit they are from Arkansas. Mrs. Dugger could have done so many socially right things with her abundant love and organizational skills. Instead she is procreating to a point of social irresponsibility.

Life is a long journey. Maybe this will give her the press and credibility needed to fund an orphanage or some other good deed for children in the name of God. If God is listening, “Give this woman’s uterus a break. Use her to do more good for more people.”

One thought on “Why do the Duggers have to be from Arkansas?

  1. You know Kerry, I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s so upsetting to me to see the same-old, tired stereotypes hitched to Arkansas’ wagon again and again – then drug through the mud in the national media, just for the sake of a cheap laugh. Thanks Bob Saget.

    Next thing you know, they’ll find some high powered Arkansas exec raising chickens in their back yard. The press we get is so pathetic and sad – I wish people would think about the things they do before they get out there waving their underwear in public! You have to admit, we provide them about half of their ammunition.

    Anyway – thanks for providing the Hawg intelligentsia a venue where we can let off a little steam! I gotta go though – I’m soaking a shirt in 7up – all in a vain attempt to leech about a quart of red wine out of it!

    Take care – I’m counting the moments ’til I’m within range of your throwing arm again,


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