My Favorite New Wrist Weights

This is not an endorsement, I just really like them!

Sometimes you just buy something you really love and want to share the good news with friends and neighbors. Well, that is how I feel about my new wrist weights.

My hair stylist (whom I call my “hairdresser”–just to get a rise out of her) is also a workout guru. If she wasn’t a “hairdresser” (tee-hee) I’m sure she’d be a personal trainer. I also call her my life coach because she is always talking me into doing some form of self-improvement. Not too long ago, she coaxed me (more like pushed me) into buying a Vitamix for my morning smoothies. I was using a Ninja blender, which is fine for fruit smoothies; but a Vitamix blender is incredible for turning absolutely anything into a drinkable concoction.

Last week, while visiting her salon (that I call her “beauty parlor”—again just to get a rise out of her) she showed me the new, black wrist weights she was wearing. They were so fashionable!

Right there, sitting in her salon chair, she had me whip out my phone and order a pair from Amazon. Together, we chose the weights (1.2 pounds) in the color white and hit “SUBMIT.” A few days later, the package arrived and, like many of us, I could not remember what I had bought.

An Excellent Purchase

Once the contents were unveiled, I was thrilled and promptly put them on. I love them! They are comfortable enough to wear all day. They are not too heavy, which makes me wonder if I should have selected the 2-pound option … But, either way, I think I will be happy.

If you are a woman OR a man looking for an easy way to tone and strengthen your arms, try these wrist weights from TOSAMC. They come in several colors and weight sizes. I love them so much I may look to see if they have an ankle weight companion.

I know I sound like an advertisement for them, but I am not. I just know us ladies/gents must share our health and beauty tips when we get a good one and this is a purchase I’ve really enjoyed.