Vacation Vibes – America is Already Great

The Maslov Hierarchy. Often, vacations seem like more trouble than they’re worth: planning, packing, traveling, lines, crowds, security, debt, arggggg.

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s was not all Leave It to Beaver, pie in the sky life as some would have you believe. True, an average white male did make enough money to support his wife and family. But, the good old days had their problems too. Men died in their 60’s from heart disease, house wife’s were bored alcoholics, young people contracted polio from swimming pools and the one I dislike the most…no decent clothes for women after age 30.

If you so choose, that slower simpler life style of the past is still available. Like I told my daughter, “You want my childhood? Then turn off the cable TV and WiFi, fill up the ice trays, hand wash your dinner dishes after supper, put up a clothes line and buy a house with a one car garage and one bathroom. Never ever, ever eat out, buy unnecessary sodas (when water is free) desserts, steak, shrimp, or any meat besides chicken, ground beef and round steak relegated for birthdays. And absolutely NO frivolous snacking between meals.”

By today’s standards this would be considered poor. But we were not poor at all. We were just like everybody else and better off than many.

I’ve heard Trump talk about how his family never took vacations. Well nobody did, that was the norm back then.

I just returned from a lovely beach vacation with my grandchildren. At first it was hard to relax but I grooved into in about 48 hours. After 5 days I was bored and ready to get back to work. Destin, Florida a place I took my daughter 30 years ago, looks like Vegas or NY now. High Rises line the shore and even with 2 rows of complimentary umbrellas and chairs there are still not enough for all the residents.

Once home I was acutely aware of how beautiful my life was. I had created a home that was comfortable and safe. Sometimes it is nice to step out of your life so upon returning you can see it with new appreciation. I am re-energized again at home and work. I realize how lucky I am to live in a time and in a country where almost everyone, rich or poor, can afford a vacation. 50 years ago this was not true. America IS Great!