Let’s Talk About Feet

Like a Good Neighbor…

As I have written before, I don’t consider myself an influencer. But, every now and again, I feel obliged to share a shopping tip, like when I posted about easy and everyday-wear wrist weights I purchased.

A Doctor for Everything

You may not think of finding a good doctor as a shopping experience but, at my age, it is. So, in keeping with my obligation to the readers who live in the greater Little Rock area, I want to share that I have found the best foot doctor for what ails you: Dr. Herring at Foot and Ankle Associates. She is a recent transplant from Louisiana to Little Rock.

 ARRGG … Aging Isn’t Sexy

Ever since I sprained my ankle a few years back, I have begun to walk funny, creating more lower extremity and hip problems. One such malady is a callous on my little toe that I have learned, when on your feet, are called corns. How unsexy is that?

This Little Piggy

After consulting with Dr. Herring, I finally succumbed to her suggested surgery to fix this corn, which involved breaking my little toe (don’t ask). Normally, the result of this surgery is the loss of your ability to bend the toe, due to fusing of the bone. But Dr. Herring, referring to her surgical skills, proudly proclaimed, “My toes bend!” Her secret…she uses an alternative method.

Next UP: Shoe Shopping

True to her word, this little surgery was just that: little. I am pain free and couldn’t be happier. My next hope is to be back in a cute pair of heels. But, unlike the four-inch-heeled days of old, at this juncture in life, I will settle for a mere two inches.