Learning to Listen and Listening to Learn

You don’t really start to know yourself till you get older. And maybe this is why most people say, “I can’t think of any age I’d go back to.”

Today at the age of 60, I believe I’m starting to know myself. I am a person who likes to try new things, ask questions and is no longer worried if they sound stupid. I’m also learning to listen, something my mother tried to beat into my head since adolescence. And I’m calmer, wiser and realize…everything “always” works out. Ahhhhhh

I may feel more comfortable with myself, but I still have that driving, insatiable force to do more. My perpetual fear of lost opportunities often awakens me with a gnawing fear of what I’ve forgotten to do or need to do faster. I drink 2 cups of coffee, try to talk myself off the cliff (through meditation and reading) and then write a To Do list for the day. Seems counterproductive, coffee, prayer and list making, but it works for me.

Even at my age I have to go on interviews. Mine is the annual task of visiting my partner in banking. It’s like a job interview, you’re selling your idea, your company and yourself. I’ve done it many times and have learned that it’s best to be authentic. The money arrangement has to be a good fit for you both. So be your true self. Let them see you. And don’t forget to ask questions so you can see them. Remember, ALL meetings are a two-way interview and listening is learning. Thanks mom for the advice, I bet you thought I’d never listen.