Hate or Heritage – Confederate Flag Controversy

The Confederate Flag

From the moment humans had consciousness of group identity,  people have been waving some type of flag to represent their clan, allegiance, and/or message.

In the last 40 years, since the inception of my business, I have seen much controversy over flags.  I get calls and emails from people that won’t patronize because I sell the Rainbow flag, which has been adopted by the Gay Pride movement, or the Gadsden Flag “Don’t Tread on Me” which has been adopted by the Tea Party movement and so on.  Interestingly, none of these flags originated for any of these purposes.  It now seems the haters of the world have adopted the Confederate Battle Flag.

We have all seen the picture of the murderer of nine innocent people in South Carolina’s AME Church holding a gun and the Confederate Battle flag , as if to validate his actions and somehow show solidarity to the Old South.   Perhaps he should have brushed up on his history.  The honorable, valiant, southern gentlemen of the Confederacy were gallant men (black and white) fighting for their families and homes, maybe in error, but never in doubt.  Slaughtering innocent people because of the color of their skin was not their mission.

Wisdom teaches the injustices of the world cannot be understood and that you can’t change others.  So if the haters of the world insist on adopting the Confederate Battle flag,  let them have it.  There are four other Confederate Flags we can fly in honor and remembrance of our nation’s history.  South Carolina’s Capitol could replace the battle flag with the Bonnie Blue.  What a great name, what a great flag!   And talk about getting attention….  visitors to the capitol would be Googling  that flag and reading its history every day.  Now that is good publicity.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/BENJAMIN KRAIN --2/10/15-- Kerry McCoy, owner and president of Arkansas’ Flag and Banner was the recipient of the Betsy Ross Award from the National Independent Flag Dealers Association (NIFDA). started as a one-woman company with McCoy handling all aspects of the business. That small flag business has grown to become a multi-million dollar success located in downtown Little Rock at 800 West 9th Street and now employs a staff of 25.

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