Drowning in Emotions

My son Matt married Sara Slimp this past week. The festivities began with Wednesday night’s bachelor party. Unlike the bachelor parties of the past, where only men attended (because only men were groomsmen) and they hired a stripper and their pimp, in this millennial wedding party the groomsmen were both men and women, gay and straight, and black and white. With all attending, the groom’s woMEN reversed gender roles, boys dressed like girls and girls like boys. In role reversals they gyrated to pop songs in front of the seated groom. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard. At one point I thought, “I am going to hyperventilate and have to be taken to the hospital.” I love my theater children!

The festive pace and events never slowed down for the next 5 days. Thursday night was the wedding rehearsal, followed by the rehearsal dinner hosted by the mother of the groom, me. Friday morning was the Holy Eucharist in our family church that we have attended for three generations, immediately followed by the bride’s luncheon. That night, in our family home, a welcoming reception for all of the out of town guests. The day of the wedding began with kickball in the park and ended with an outdoor wedding in the evening and, instead of the first dance, the bride and groom performed the first karaoke performance. The guests were invited to perform as well and everyone danced late into the night. When the venue closed down, the younger crowd headed off to late night bowling!  Sunday morning was the farewell brunch back at our family home.

Today, I have awakened in a hotel room in Kansas City, Missouri and am preparing to attend the Main Street Now trade show. Last night I dreamed, over and over, I was drowning and struggling to the water’s surface. So, I Googled “drowning dreams.” It read, “Overwhelmed and drowning in emotions or debt.” I don’t have the debt. So, emotionally…….

It’s true, yesterday when my husband and I arrived at our trade show and were searching where to set up, I asked for directions to our booth. When the convention center aide told me I had to walk to the other end of the convention floor, I almost flash cried. I think he could see I was a tad overwhelmed and graciously offered to give me a ride. Lol.

This year has been different. In my 43 years of owning Flag and Banner, I don’t believe I’ve ever been away from the office this much. It began with my mother’s end of life experience from Dec. 31st – Feb 8th.  Then, another life changing event happened last week as our family celebrated our son’s marriage and another person joined our family’s dynamics.

With all my office absenteeism, I wonder, “For what and how is this time preparing my staff and me?”  My gut instinct is my focus is shifting. Maybe I am supposed to start spending more of my time paying forward my experiential knowledge and using my radio show “Up In Your Business with Kerry McCoy” to facilitate that. I am not completely sure what my contribution to others will be, but I have lots of life experience in lots of different areas. In the words of Rex Nelson, “I’m about one inch deep and two miles wide.” My hope is I’ll be able to keep my heart and ears open so I can listen to life and fulfill my destiny. Good times.