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Connecticut Wedding Weekend Was Still All Business

No longer having mouths to feed at home, I was able to travel to Connecticut this past weekend to see a long-time friend of mine’s daughter get married. It was fun. The weather was picture perfect, the mountains and rivers plentiful, and the roads winding.

Kerry in the lobby of the Thayer Hotel at West Point

West Point

The first day, we flew into LaGuardia Airport and rented a car. At 3-mph, we crept out of New York City and began Googling-up places to stay. As we drove up Interstate 95, we neared West Point, where we found an available room at The Thayer Hotel, built in the early 1900’s on the West Point Campus. This famous hotel is crammed full of pictures, Army memorabilia, and too much folklore to share in this blog.

Being a flag salesman, I noticed all the flags hanging in their lobby. Yes, I expected to see an Army flag, a New York state flag, the historical Pine Tree Flag and Heaven Can Wait flag, but an Alabama and Wyoming flag? That threw me off and, before I left, I meant to ask if anyone knew why those two states flags were on display. Alas, I forgot. A mystery unsolved.

The Flag Guy

On Friday, we launched out to New Windsor, NY to meet a fellow flag dealer, Al, of The Flag Guys. Like so many of my peers in the flag business, he is ready to retire and has no one to take over “his baby.” And, like all these guys, I understand how emotional selling a business that you’ve built, and that’s been good to you, can be. Looking out over the Hudson, we talked flags, how materials and processes have changed, about the internet and its effect on our industry, and about all the old timers who taught us the business and have since gone on to greener pastures.

Back in the car, we wove our way south along cliff edges to Greenwich, CT for the wedding weekend events.

Kerry with Al, Owner of The Flag Guys

Wedding Weekend

That night, the rehearsal dinner was on Long Island Sound at the Shenorock Shore Club. At the end of the evening, the DJ put on “Sweet Caroline” (the bride’s name is Caroline) and we all danced, jumped, and sang-yelled “Sweet Caroline” every time the chorus came on.

The next day, the weather was perfect for sweet Caroline and Mikey’s five o’clock wedding on the lawn at the Winged Foot Golf Club. I teared up watching my friend Kerri walk her daughter down the aisle to give Caroline away, in place of her late father.

Afterwards, espresso martinis were passed around while we perused the famous Golf Course’s US Open memorabilia.

No Mouths to Feed

My newfound independence differs from that of my youth; I have no more children at home, and FAB can take care of itself while I’m away for a few days.

Though Grady and I no longer have the stamina to go to the after-party parties, we did manage to stay out for late-night visiting, fit in a little sightseeing during the day, and get the pleasure of talking shop with a fellow flag dealer. It’s all good.

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