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For Some of Us, Vacations are Not Relaxing

The best part of a vacation is, as Carly Simon sang: anticipation. It gives you something to look forward to. I always know I am due a ‘vacay’ when the smallest things at work or home seem larger than they are, and the daily grind feels like drudgery. That is when I think, “I need a vacation,” and just the thought of getting away buoys my mood and increases my productivity.

But vacations themselves are a lot of extra work and, in today’s pandemic-era, seem a bit irresponsible and even scary. Not only do you have to plan and pack for it, you also must speed up your workload, leaving no loose ends that may go awry for others to manage in your absence.

The Stress of Travel

Then the day of travel comes (more work). For us type-A personalities, crowds make us anxious as we try to decide which line is the shortest, moves the fastest, and has the most efficient attendant. Even as a young adult, I did not like rock concerts or football games because of the cattle-drive treatment of people. I guess I was destined to be a snob.

Once you finally arrive at the vacation destination, its time to relax (as if there was a switch you could flip). Its not easy going from a ramped-up life style to doing nothing but planning your next meal, which often puts you back into a crowd situation and studying the competence (or incompetence) of the staff.

The Curse of an Entrepreneur

As entrepreneurs, Grady and I are constantly talking about improving everything around us. We catch ourselves saying stupid things like, “I would have put the waiter’s station on the other side of the restaurant.” Then arguing about where we think the water and drainpipes are installed.

This is when we must remind ourselves, “Oh yeah, we are on vacation … relax and enjoy the ride.” But the best part about a vacation? Coming home and realizing that you love your life.