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I Think Everyone Can Agree: This War is Different

It is hard to believe, in this day and age, that small men with big egos are still willing and able to wage war on innocent women and children. You might argue he is doing this for his country, if only it weren’t for his countrymen protesting in the streets.

War in the 21st Century

Once the war against Ukraine finally commenced, I told my husband someone needed to call Elon Musk for help and advice.  Though tanks and guns may start wars, I am not sure they win them. These days, elections and wars seem to be won electronically, through misinformation and cyber espionage, and who better knows that realm than Elon Musk, or maybe Jeff Bezos.

Unlike Bezos’s company, Amazon, or all the other big tech giants, Elon’s company, Space X, is not publicly traded. Elon answers to no one. He holds all the power, makes all his own decisions and, since his youth, has had grandiose ideas of saving mankind and the planet through solar power, planet colonization, and now maybe crazy dictators with nuclear weapons who seem to want to start WWIII.

Ukraine’s vice prime minister, Mykhailo Fedorov, had the same thought when he tweeted a shout out to Elon for help. And Elon answered the tweet with his typical world-saving generosity by sending a truck load of satellite dishes and hooking up internet services to his Star Link Satellites, thus keeping connectivity for Ukraine’s community and government outreach.   

Taking Notice with Flags

A few years back, when Putin waged war and captured metropolises in Crimea and Syria, we Americans just watched. It was in the news, but it affected us differently.

But now we are taking notice. Maybe because Ukraine is more European than those other countries. Maybe because we relate to those humans better. For whatever reason, we may have been aghast before, but now we are outraged and showing support for Ukraine by flying their flag on our homeland.

I must admit I got caught with my pants down, so to speak. After 45 years in the business and after seeing many wars on foreign lands, I didn’t expect this kind of response from Americans and so didn’t have that many Ukraine flags on the shelves.

But no worries! As reported,’s Miami and Little Rock location are meeting that demand by sewing Ukraine’s bi-color flag, fast, from mountains of in-stock yellow and blue material (a small portion of these and whoopie cushion sales are going to support Ukraine relief).

All I can say about any of this is, “Putin’s an asshole” and I am glad we are finally taking notice before we all have to start learning to speak Russian.