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It’s Been Long Overdue: Meet Amie

Well, I finally did it. I’ve talked about it, dreamt about it, and needed it for years; I hired an assistant!

A female flaw is to think we can do everything. And another is to not ask for help.  I suffer from neither of those. I learned early on, when I ran my business out of my home, to hire a housekeeper; lest I end up in rubber gloves, leaning over the bathtub, cleaning instead of working on my business. And when my family began to grow, I didn’t hesitate to hire a nanny to pick up the kids, start dinner, and help with homework. 

Now with the opening of FAB’s Miami location, it’s become abundantly clear I need a work mate.

Meet Amie

Yes, Amie’s name is French for “pal,” but she doesn’t speak French. Her mother, like me, loves the French culture; a “Francophile,” if you will. Instead of French, Amie speaks Spanish (probably just to make her mother mad) which is the language of Miami … perfect. And she is the ED for the nonprofit Weekend Theater, which just happens to be within walking distance of FAB. And she has a master’s in theater … can anyone say “Dancing into Dreamland 2022?”

If you read my blogs, you know I am able to do all that I do because I am a person of faith.  I believe if your heart is in the right place and you work hard, things will always work out.

And work out they did. My dream come true: Amie, a work pal, who speaks Spanish, understands non-profits, and is schooled in the theater of life. Oh, dang, I forgot to ask her if she can answer the phone and write a nice email. Anyway …

Welcome aboard, Amie … Grab a strap and hang on; it’s gonna be a wild ride!