Dreamland Ballroom

DID 2016 – Oh what a night!

Oh, what a night!

Acrobatic Dancer Sam Pettit Performs at Dancing into Dreamland 2016.

I’m still reeling from all the art forms and fellowship of Friday night’s (Nov. 18th) Dancing into Dreamland. There was singing, dancing, decorating, orating and comedy relief all wrapped up in one fabulous night to remember. In addition, there was food, fellowship, wine, shopping, and text voting. Love was abounding.

I think the energy is what I like most about the event. The untouchable but palpable feel of love and acceptance among everybody there. Each guest admires the dancer’s courage, each dancer respects the other, volunteers feel overwhelming gratitude and we ALL feel connected through the awe-inspiring mystic of Dreamland. Dreamland is truly a magical place.

Dancing into Dreamland’s goal is to bring awareness to the need for an elevator, so everyone, young, old, able-bodied and not, can feel the love and spirituality of this special place.

Friends of Dreamland’s mission statement is “Bringing back the music, the history, and the party of the Dreamland Ballroom”.

With the current political and social climate of today, and knowing the power of Dreamland Ballroom, I feel we should consider modifying our mission statement to “Healing our community and opening our hearts, through the music, the history and party of the Dreamland Ballroom”.

Oh, What A Night!

You can see photos from the event on the Dreamland Ballroom Facebook and keep up with all of our Dreamland events.