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New Service Launched for U.S. Flag Owners

HOLLAND, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 22, 2004–Following the death of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, Braden Stradley lowered his American flag to half-staff. But like so many other people around the country, he wasn’t sure when to raise it again.

Frustrated by his unsuccessful attempts to find the information, he decided to do something about it.

His solution: U.S. Flag Alert, an email alert service designed to make it easier for owners of the American flag to properly display their flag, particularly during times of state-wide and national mourning.

“As I drove around my hometown, I saw other flag owners having this problem,” Stradley said. “Many homes and businesses were still flying their flags at full-staff. But if they cared enough to buy and display the U.S. flag, they probably wanted to display it correctly. This service will make it easier for them to do just that.”

For a $10 annual fee, U.S. Flag Alert will send an email notification to flag owners, letting them know when the American flag should be lowered to half-staff for a state-wide or national time of mourning, and a reminder when the flag can be displayed once again at full-staff. The service is available to schools, hospitals, churches, libraries, businesses, private homes and others who display an American flag. Along with the email notification service, U.S. Flag Alert offers information on flag history and etiquette on its website,

Or you can sign up for’s Free Flag Alert

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