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Our Record-Breaking Snowstorm

I have never seen Arkansas’ local TV meteorologist, Barry Brandt, so happy. He appeared almost jubilant as he pointed to the snow-covered map and expounded on snowfall statistics that he clearly loves. Here are some:

  1. 2021 – 14.5?- And still counting
  2. 1921 – 13.1
  3. 1905 – 9.9
  4. 1979 – 9.8
  5. 1966 – 9.6

And January 1918 still stands at #1 with 20.0.

Internet Rescue

There is a good and bad side to almost everything. Snow is beautiful but dangerous.  A few days at home is relaxing but sedentary. And the internet is expensive to maintain but has saved our business,, in the 2020 pandemic and now the 2021 polar vortex snowstorm.

Owner’s Duty

When asked to describe the job of an entrepreneur, I have often said, “It is doing all the things you cannot pay other people to do.” (Like drive in the snow.)

Although the internet does bring in cash flow, nothing really replaces the personal experience and larger orders that come from phone sales. So, after a day of play at home, Grady and I bundled up and jumped in our 4-wheel drive truck for a trip to the office.

Our goal was not just phone sales and customer support, but also to check on the six bathrooms and three kitchen faucets we left dripping in the Taborian Hall. Even being experienced property owners, one never knows if one erroneously overlooked something. To our relief, everything was dripping fine. We adjusted thermostats, trying to balance keeping the building warm and being good citizens by conserving energy usage.

Human Touch

Though sales were far from great, we did double them by matching our phone orders to the internet’s shopping cart orders; and it was nice to talk about the weather with people from all over the country. We wrote orders from Massachusetts, California, Louisiana, Illinois, and Florida, to name a few.

Today’s Stories … Tomorrow’s Folklore

Like Barry Brandt, I am a little jubilant to have the record-breaking snow week to talk about. Even though it cost sales, it has made for some good stories and pictures.

To all the young families and partiers that stayed home from work, ventured out in the snow, and may have overindulged … I hope you made a safe and memorable “Snow of 2021 Story” to tell for years. PSSSST:  I know our huge family did not disappoint. Stories were definitely made!  But, alas, the tales are not mine to tell, so I have no license to share (or, you know me, I would).

Stay warm, my friends.