Literacy in the U.S. – Continued Blog Series

Continuation of literacy in the U.S. Series

Last week I spoke about literacy in the U. S. and how I too had difficulties reading as a youth. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I discovered that I had dyslexia. That however has not stopped me from finding joy and fulfillment in reading as I have gotten older.

To help others to improve literacy in the U.S. I thought I would offer a list of books even I, with dyslexia enjoy reading. (It is after all hard to enjoy something you struggle at sometimes.)

Here are more books I recommend for anyone from business people to children to the average Joe.


  • Lee Iacocca (I find biographies inspiring.  They are just ordinary people who did extraordinary things.  Make me feel like I could do that too)
  • The E-Myth (may be the most influential book I ever read in my career.  If you own your own business you need to read this book)
  • Throughput (helped me understand the work flow of my business and adjust our company business procedures)
  • Monday Morning Leadership: 8 Mentoring Sessions You Can’t Afford to Miss by David Cottrell (my employee Kirk gave me this. It changed the way I manage my employees. It is a very quick read and simple tools for managing people and building a team environment.)

For Fun: (I love historical fiction, you may need to be a southerner to like the below books)

  • Lonesome Dove
  • Eyes are watching God
  • Gone With the Wind

Children’s Books:

  • Pong and Diingy (read this in the car on the way to the beach.  Family was laughing out loud.  Best road trip ever.)
  • Wizard of Oz (it is different from the movie.)
  • White Fang
  • And really any of my children’s middle school reading requirement books. They are surprisingly educational and interesting.

Only one of my 4 children was afflicted with this learning disability but like me he makes up for it in so many other great ways.  Everybody is good at something.

(Literacy in the U.S. is improving. In 1993, the US Central Intelligence Agency‘s World Factbook published that the United States had a 97.9% literacy rate for persons age 15 and over having completed 5 or more years of schooling, and 99.99% in 2008. These are great improvements and may have something to do with social media and texting. It has been estimated that areas in the United States with higher immigrant populations have the lowest literacy rates in the country.)

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