Cover Girl

I have made the big time! Just got a copy of Arkansas Health And Living Magazine and guess who is on the cover. Lil’ ole me. Never been on the cover before. Of course I look older than I thought I did (you know when you look in the mirror at yourself, you always pick your best angle). I guess I haven’t hit the really big time yet or they would have touched up my photo some.

Anyway I am used to being in print and I love the free press. It is very flattering to think about. After examining the photos with a microscope I read the article written by John Hofheimer , a local Little Rock writer, that Dotty at the Free Press, turned us on to.

When writer John and I met for the interview, we of course, new each other from just being around town, so we had a great visit. I like to measure a person by the drink test. Would I have a drink with this person or not. I would have a drink with John.

Thanks writer John and editor Jay Craig.

Posted by kerry