China Market

Just got back from my fact finding trip to China. Ever heard of Guangzhou on mainland China? Me either. People, people, people everywhere. It makes NYC look like the prairie.

Smog so thick I never saw a blue sky. High rise tenant buildings so high that I can only imagine how much sewage must run in the pipes under the streets. Well you don’t really have to imagine because every block has a grate for ventilation and peee-uuuuu. Step on a crack break your mothers back. Over there it is.. Step on a grate hold your breath (almost rhymes).

Everything is made in China. I mean everything. Look around your room, if it has been made since the 60’s, it was made in China. And believe you me, you want it to be. The environment of manufacturing is not pretty. Americans would never put up with the pollution and equal pay. Because it is a communist country everybody lives just a like. Police on every corner but they don’t hassle you. You screw up they just kill you and glad to be rid of one less citizen. So there is no crime except petty theft and counterfeiting.

I think this is interesting. There is no chicken flu either. They talk about the possibility on TV all the time but have not had one