Business having a banner year

2014 turning into a Banner Year for AFB

It’s almost the half-way mark of the year 2014 and it looks like it is going to be a banner year for AFB.  Flag sales are strong and I am relieved to say the struggles of the 2012’s website upgrade debacle are finally behind us.

I don’t know if I have ever had such a cohesive group of employees before.  They all work together really well.  No finger pointing around here, they all work steady, take ownership, and share the praise.

Banner Year of Planning Ahead

We still have some things on our technology wish list (doesn’t everyone) but nothing too major.  If you buy into all the propaganda about how to do business in the 21st century, you will go broke.  My old 2002 website had 80% SEO and I let someone talk me into upgrading.  DUH.  I would now kill for those kinds of numbers.  After 40 years in the business I can honestly say, “I have learned a few things.”  It is hard to believe the internet for retail is almost 20 years old.  I feel like a blacksmith over here.

In 1975 advertising was either the newspaper or the local news on only three channels.  Currently AFB advertises across many platforms.  We still advertise in the newspaper, on TV, and the yellow pages, but we have added snail mail, email, telemarketing, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, Linkedin, magazines, Google Adwords, and trade shows.

I am ready to move AFB to the next business model.  I have some ideas.  Stay posted.  It will be a Brave leap and I’ll probably be saying that 2015 is a Banner Year too.

Kerry McCoy is founder and president of and owner of historic Taborian Hall where the famous Dreamland Ballroom resides. She is also publisher of Brave Magazine. If you would like to interview Kerry or have her speak at your event contact