Nepotism Isn’t a Dirty Word

In order to mitigate risks, large companies become inflexible and impersonal. Avoiding the risk of discrimination is accomplished by discouraging nepotism. But, at, we feel a societal duty to support our employee’s families and train the young. So much so, that our employee roster reads much like the book of Numbers in the Old Testament.

Do Americans Really Want to Work? | Thoughts After My One-Man Job Fair

Being afforded the opportunity to work, both physically and legally, is a liberty revered by many who cannot. Like children who are unable to attend school long for the sound of a school bell, so do many persons from other countries long to come to America to find work. I recently held a job fair […]

Wearing Many Hats| The Hiring/Interviewing Process, A Necessary Evil

The past few weeks company growth and employee turnover have put me into hiring overdrive. I like to use to resource potential hires. It’s easy to use and delivers quick results. Within minutes of posting your job, resumes start pouring in. Entrepreneurs are creative, so the interviewing and hiring process is not something we […]

Rejection goes both ways|Interview tips for interviewer/candidates

By Kerry McCoy Brave Publisher & Owner of When I first started hiring people, I found conducting interviews scary. Yes, that’s right. I felt like I was being interviewed, and I was. Rejection goes both ways. For the Interviewer Often, I hear small business owners lament, “You just can’t find good help these days.” […]