Lost Opportunities | Son Sings Jesus Christ Superstar

It’s not the expensive, black jacket that I bought but, rather, the on-sale, red leather, fringed jacket that I didn’t buy that preys on my subconscious of regret.

When I was young, I envied those girls who were content to stay home on a weekend night and read or wash and set their hair. I, on the other hand, couldn’t stand to miss out on a single party.

My girlfriend, Kathleen, is still that way. Every day, it seems, she posts a video on Facebook of a band she heard the night before or a picture of her going out of town. When I asked her HOW and, more importantly, WHY she goes out all the time, I was surprised at her response and my personal connection to it. She said, “One time, I asked Hazel how she stayed so young and interesting, and she said, ‘I never turn down an invitation’.”

Secret to Long Life

Hazel was my husband’s grandmother, who was a legend for her youthful energy until the day she died at 95. She was an avid traveler, great conversationalist and always got a big hug from Bill Clinton, when he saw her.

Hazel never missed anything. Once, while traveling with her in an airport, we were hustling between flights and she brought to our attention that it was an hour past her one-a-day vodka habit. She decided to remedy it with a brief stop at an open airport lounge and convinced a bartender to make her a “roadie” (a drink to-go) as she walked the concourse. Hazel made an impression on everyone.

This past week I, once again, thought of Hazel’s rule and Kathleen’s taking of her rule to heart.

Opportunities and Jesus Christ Superstar

My eldest son, Gray, casually told his family he would be singing Jesus’ solo, Gethsemane, from Jesus Christ Superstar at church. The performance was 5pm on Sunday afternoon, a particularly hard time to break away from the relaxation of home and/or chore duties. Nevertheless, my husband and I accepted the invitation and boy, are we glad we did! I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it.

Unfortunately, many of our busy family members didn’t capitalize on his invitation to attend. As I sat in the pew, wishing they were all there, I made a video with my phone to share.

Now, as I sit on my sofa watching TV, I know to enjoy the down time because, per Hazel, an invitation my come tomorrow that I just can’t refuse.

Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar, sung by my son, Grady McCoy