Let’s be Honest: My Indulgent Christmas

What good is a blog without honesty? Who wants to read about a perfect person living a perfect life? Personally, I want to watch the crazies: The Osbourne’s, Trump, and daytime Soaps. By watching other poor souls struggle and make mistakes, I feel better about my own actions and the crazy voice (I like to call Devil Speak) in my head.

This year’s Christmas was absent of the usual church goings-on. Being a church usher for the past 20 years, I have always worked a lot of services during this season. But not this year. On Christmas day, we had a nice home gathering of a few family members (our Covid-free pod.)

For brunch, we dressed up in our finest, because there is no other time or place to wear them. Christmas shirts and Santa Hats were handed out and donned as we reveled in holiday cheer and imbibed in champagne mimosas.

Where the honesty comes in.

Though my husband has been sober almost 4 years, I have not. With no one to drink with, I have become what some might call a “lightweight.” But, this Christmas, I was on a mission to drink with those in my family that still could. Before the days end, my mimosas turned to what I now know is called a “champagne cocktail” (a screwdriver with a splash of champagne on top!).

If there was a “Most Tipsy” award, I won it. After the party was over, I fell up the stairs on my way to a long afternoon nap in a Santa cap. Sober husband Grady woke me at “dark thirty” and, once downstairs, he graciously brought me Tylenol, eye drops (my eyes have never been so dry) and glass after glass of water till the end of the day finally came and I got to go back to bed to rise again and see a brighter day.

For all of us who overindulged on Christmas and forgot to celebrate the birth of Christ appropriately, it is okay. Because, according to scripture, there has only been one perfect person born to man. The one we celebrate on December 25th.

Merry Christmas Past and Happy New Year, everyone.