Kerry McCoy and Alice Waters are sisters in food

I have only recently heard of Alice Waters the cook who coined Slow Food instead of fast food, I love that. Wish I had thought of it. I concur with everything she is doing. I am not quite as big of a food Nazi as her, she wants everything organic. But for 29 years I have been cooking easy, healthy foods for my 4 children. It is easy, just read the labels. Don’t buy any food with food coloring, artificial flavors, or preservative (words you cannot pronounce). Most good, clean foods don’t have very many ingredients.
Many grocery stores are set up backwards; you should go by the fresh produce first to see what looks good. Then build your dinner around the fresh produce. Many canned and frozen foods are all natural. Go light on the meat, a little goes a long way for nutrition. Buying good bread is harder; almost all grocery store bread has preservatives. Check the frozen section for natural frozen rolls. Make sure to use fresh seasonal fruit in all your desserts. And last have healthy snacks, vegetable dips, fruit, popcorn, natural ice cream, oatmeal cookies, natural salsa and chips, peanut butter, the list is long.
Some people get so wound up on counting fat and sugar they will eat anything, completely missing the point. Food cravings happen for a lot of reasons and one is your body wants nutrients. Eating over processed food is not fulfilling and so you keep craving and eating.