I Don’t Understand the Media

It seems like Flag and Banner’s sales will be clipping along just fine and then the news media will start reporting negatively about the economy and BOOM sales drop off. Nobody can ruin the economy or stir up the hate groups faster than mainstream media. I hope they don’t start negging everybody out before Christmas.

I am not always perfect on my facts but this is close; annual overall sales for USA is up 7% but it slid back to 4% in the last few months and Arkansas’s sales are still up 7%. So relax people and quit watching sensational news programs. It is not “real” news. Remember the Iraq war they shoved down our throats?
Anybody with a brain, that tried to know the truth, knew that it was not Iraq that attacked us, it was Afghanistan. We live in the information age, don’t be lazy, and find out the truth.