How Lent and Sports are Alike

I know it is crazy to say that Lent and Sports are alike but…

It is the beginning of Lent, one of my favorite annual events because no matter your religion or thoughts on religion, it is fun and challenging to try and better yourself over the course of 40 days and nights.

Like sports, you can talk about Lent with almost anybody.  At we talk to people all over the country and often find ourselves in conversations about sports. For instance, you can be in Arkansas and bring up the Super Bowl with someone from Wisconsin and boom you have made a friend. Lent is similar; not everyone participates, but almost everyone knows about it and has a story or opinion. It also makes people think of what bad habits they might have and examine them just a bit more closely.

This year I am giving up coffee.  I have needed to for a long time and Lent was the catalyst to make it happen.  My hearts says, “I’ll miss you old friend,” but my stomach says, “Thank you, at last!” I am sure all of my employees will be happy, too.  A less stressed boss is a better boss.

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