Half Staff Flag Alerts

After the Virginia Tech Massacre we were inundated with etiquette questions about the flag. So we sent out this press release:

New “Half Staff Flag Alert” Email Service Offered by

Little Rock, Arkansas— (, a leading retail supplier of American flags and patriotic items, announced today that it will be offering its “Half Staff First Alert” email notification service to anyone who wishes to be notified when the President calls for the flag to be lowered to half staff.

Flag at Half Staff at White HouseFor many years Flag and Banner has been providing half staff email alerts to its customers. Additionally, Flag and Banner reminds customers when it is time to bring the flag back to full hoist. For the first time, the Little Rock based company is offering its email alert service to the general public.

Old Glory – Part of The Nation’s Healing Process

“The recent tragedy at Virginia Tech reminds us of the importance of unity and the American Flag,” stated Kerry McCoy, president of Little Rock based Flag and Banner. “When we as a people mourn, the United States flag is lowered to half staff all across the nation.”

There is an old adage which states: ‘Joy shared is multiplied. Grief shared is divided.’ The unity felt by all Americans when Old Glory flies at half staff re-establishes for all of us that we are not alone. It inspires in us a solidarity and determination that sees us through the most trying and difficult days. It is the first step taken on the pathway to healing. We come together as Americans to share our grief and to begin the process of rebuilding our hopes and our lives. As the flag is raised again, we know, so again, our spirits will also rise.

“We at feel it is part of our duty to alert Americans when the President calls for the flag to be lowered,” stated McCoy.

If you would like to be on Flag and Banner’s “Half Staff First Alert” email list, visit the company’s website and sign up for “First Alert.”