Go Hogs! – Appearance on 103.7 The Buzz every Friday for Football Season

If you know me now, you’ll find this next confession hard to believe. Like so many kids in middle and high school, I felt like a fish out of water.  Too thin, too flat, too tall, too loud, too dumb, too hyper and too self-conscious.  My confidence was so low, that just knowing I had to take a speech class “ in order to graduate high school’ caused me to start fretting in the 10th grade.  I was one of the 95 percent of people that would rather die than make a speech.

I guess you could say I was lucky that my ambition was stronger than my fear.  I did all kinds of things in my early career that kept me awake at night. One such task was TV interviews.  I may have been scared but I was not stupid, I knew the power of TV.  So if any reporters wanted to come do a news story on flags, I was always available. Eventually, I became comfortable with TV, radio and newspaper interviews.

That’s why, when my marketing director asked me if I would like to be on The Buzz radio show (103.7) with Pat Bradley and Justin Acri every Friday at 11:30 from now until December 16th, I agreed.  Yes, it’s a sport show but I like sports.  I do not have the male DNA to remember all the games and stats but I do watch a lot of sports and have a real girl’s point of view.  But the real reason I’m on the Buzz, is to talk about all the Razorback items at Arkansas Flag and Banner.

Many retail stores have female purchasing agents, but not AFB. We have a male and he loves buying Razorback stuff!