Family Time

Am I responsible for all this over population? I believe I am. Meghan is due this Saturday, July 8th. With her mother being in the flag business she wanted to have it on July 4th but her baby had other plans. Mother and daughter are already bumping heads.

My middle son Matt was born on July 3, 1990 and he made the paper. “Flag lady has a little firecracker”, they said. And boy were they right. He even has red hair.

It is odd to me that the only other person in the picture with dark hair is of no blood relation to me, my son-n-law. I thought dark hair was suppose to be dominate.

And no my husband is not related to Bill Clinton, they just favor. Just last month a radio station asked Grady to pose and wave as President Clinton for one of their promos. And one Halloween we dressed as Clinton and a girlfriend (his mother, that worked for the Governor and later President, didn’t like that very much).

Posted by kerry