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A Colorado Vacation with My Two Husbands

You may think this weird or awkward, but it wasn’t. This summer my husband Grady, son Matt, his bride, Sara, and I vacationed in Colorado, where we stayed with my former husband, Ron, the father of my only girl-child, Meghan.

A few years ago, Captain Ron, a retired Continental Airlines pilot, moved out to Colorado. When he lived in Arkansas, we rarely saw him; birthdays and Christmas only. Upon hearing his decision to relocate to the land of blue skies and crisp air, my daughter worried for his lack of community. She thought he would be lonely. Well, no worries, sister.

Since moving to this vacationing paradise, he’s had countless house guests and spends more time with our family than ever.

Current husband, Grady and former husband Ron have bonded over snow-skiing. Last January, Grady and Meghan visited Colorado, without me, and stayed and played with Captain Ron for a week. Meghan, after a week of dining out and explaining to the people they met that her fathers were not gay, but simply had both married the same woman, she tired of the story and let the assumption lay.

On this summer trip to Colorado we went without Meghan but again stayed with Captain Ron (my ex). We had fun paddle boarding in an ice-cold lake, hiking, and horseback riding across this wild and open terrain. This is man’s country, but mother nature rules. When I mentioned the population is predominately male to one of Ron’s girlfriends, she said, “Yes, true. The odds are good, but the ‘goods’ are odd.”

As I waited for the handlers to saddle up our horses, I glanced over to see the two most influential men in my life, outside my father of course, chatting it up. I was struck with sentimentality for how healthy, handsome and confident both Grady and Ron looked. It hasn’t always been that way. Both are recovering alcoholics, Ron 20+ years and Grady two years sober (another bond for them). I took the picture below and showed it to the guys and said, “I feel like I’m bragging, to have had two such handsome husbands.”  They laughed, scoffed, and went on ignoring me.

Like Meghan after a week of introducing my two husbands and explaining I’m not a polygamist, I bored of the bragging. Now I look at this picture and think I have a type; 5’11”, white, male with a propensity to drink too much and who likes the outdoors. That’s not weird. That’s probably half the men in America.