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The Power of One

We have the power - and it's more than you may think.

The problems facing Mother Earth can sometimes seem so big and daunting that it feels discouraging to even try to help. While casually watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and hearing one of her guests talk about effecting change, a little spark of hope ignited within me. The power of one is bigger than you may think.

In the interview, Oprah and her guest talked about the consideration given to the conscientious act of turning off a light. If done by many other conscientious persons, it’s huge! And that’s not all. In a week’s time, and every week thereafter, a person could easily forgo one fast food meal with all of its to-go trash, or decline a shopping bag after a purchase, or look for grocery store items in paper wrapping rather than plastic. With a little pre-planning, bringing your own cup to Starbucks or a convenience store also reduces waste.

Reduce, recycle, and repurpose can be more than words. They can be little lifestyle choices that, if added to the small acts of others, can change our world for the better and connect our lonely lives.

Now when leaving a room and flipping the light off, I find myself thinking of others. Who else in the world just turned a light off, too?

We have the POWER!

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