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Everyone Should Write a Blog | Why I Blog About EVERYTHING

Everyone should write a blog. It jogs your memory of a learned experience and it is cathartic. We used to call it “keeping a diary.” As with many written journals it can be a private memoir, for your eyes only, or shared with only a few or with many. All choices are yours to make and can be modified at any time. It’s your blog!

It is easy to get started. It is the discipline that’s hard. But once you get in the habit, you will want to blog about everything! I recommend a weekly blog to be written on the same day each week. Awaken that morning knowing it is blog day. As you lie thinking of the past week, see what comes to mind. That is what you should write about.

After a while you’ll find your voice and writing style. I’ve learned that when writing a sentence, I go out of my way NOT to use negative words. For instance, the sentence I just wrote with ‘NOT’ could have been rewritten to, “When writing a sentence, I go out of my way to use only positive words.” I find writing this way lifts my mood.

More Reasons to Keep a Blog

(slow readers, like me, love lists and bullet points)

  1. It records and reiterates what you’ve recently learned.
  2. The reflection that comes from writing creates gratitude.
  3. Blog for self-improvement purposes. I like to look back at the prior year’s month and day to see if there are mood cycles, self-growth, or repeat offenses.
  4. Improve your writing skills. I type all my posts in Microsoft Word because of its excellent spell and grammar checking capabilities. This software’s auto-correction has improved my spelling, vocabulary, and sentence structure.
  5. It’s a great filing system. Save links or embed photos and videos of what you want to remember: How-to’s, recipes, places, movies, books, etc. It can be anything you might someday want to revisit.
  6. It is searchable. Hallelujah! Be sure to put your blog posts in groups: i.e. family, vacations, work, etc. and add searchable keywords to help you find the post again.

However, if technology is not your thing, no worries. Along with my weekly blog post, I keep a private, daily, handwritten journal in a calendar book, too. Keeping a written journal feels nice and calming and has all the most important benefits that I mentioned above.

So, don’t wait! It’s time to shop! Buy yourself a handsome journal or calendar book, if handwriting is your thing, or click here to find the links to some free and easy blog sites.