Media and the Confederate Battle Flag Flap

Bonnie Blue Flag


The Power of Mass Media’s Influence on Confederate Battle Flag Debate

The power of media to ignite the masses always amazes me.  All of this attention focused on the Confederate flag has had a reverse reaction. Rather than stopping sales, demand has skyrocketed. I have probably sold more Confederate flags in the last week than I have in the last 40 years.

Many of the buyers are not from the South and don’t even care about the flag itself. They’re just caught up on the idea that it might become obsolete, so they’re buying one to put in the closet, only to be discovered 30 years from now by their grandchildren.  As Carl Jung said, “What you resist, persists.”

The murderer that started this debate was holding a gun and brandishing the Confederate battle flag.  Aren’t we focusing on the wrong thing in this picture?  The flag did not kill anyone. Do I wish the white supremacist hadn’t adopted the confederate battle flag?  Yes, because then I could still pretend to be a teenaged rebel.  Do I wish the Tea Party hadn’t adopted the “don’t tread on me” Gadsden flag?  Yes, because then I could still fly it for fun without looking like I was supporting a cause.

But all of the above has happened.   Pick another Confederate flag to show your heritage.  Check out the Bonnie Blue, the Republic of West Florida flag that once served as a Confederate banner.  In Margaret Mitchell’s book, Gone with the Wind, Rhett Butler named his daughter Bonnie after the flag. It is a lovely flag, and maybe it’s time it got its due.

We don’t want to forget history.  It is through our remembrance of history that we ensure we don’t repeat the same mistakes.  More soldiers died during the Civil War than during the Vietnam War. To learn about the black soldiers who fought with the Confederacy, visit my sister building down the street, the Mosaic Templar Cultural Center at 9th and Broadway in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/BENJAMIN KRAIN --2/10/15-- Kerry McCoy, owner and president of Arkansas’ Flag and Banner was the recipient of the Betsy Ross Award from the National Independent Flag Dealers Association (NIFDA). started as a one-woman company with McCoy handling all aspects of the business. That small flag business has grown to become a multi-million dollar success located in downtown Little Rock at 800 West 9th Street and now employs a staff of 25.

Kerry McCoy is founder and president of FlagandBanner.comand publisher of Brave Magazine. Kerry has been in the flag business for more than 40 years. If you would like Kerry for an interview or to speak at your event, please contact with details. 

3 Replies to “Media and the Confederate Battle Flag Flap”

  1. Avatar Anthony Zani says:

    You go, girl! Let your flags fly! Manufacture and sell as many of them as you can. You run a small business, the backbone of our economy. I am a descendant of men who fought on both sides of the Civil War and the Revolutionary War. I am also a Gay Liberal Democrat from Massachusetts. Like it or not, I stand by you. God Bless America!

    1. Thank you. You’re right, we are a flag business. We sold this flag for 40-years before all of this and will continue to sell it until we can’t any longer for whatever reason. We respect all American’s first amendment rights and like it or not this flag is protected under those rights. This isn’t about racism. It is about serving all Americans even if you don’t agree with them. These big box stores have the money to blow on throwing out inventory, we don’t. We are a small business with 25 employees counting on a pay check each week.

  2. Avatar Don Ameche says:

    I liked this article a lot ! I agree with you about both the implied free speech issues as well as the right of both Businesses to sell and customers to purchase items that they want.

    I have never wanted a Confederate Flag. But I now live in Texas an have come to appreciate the perspective that those in Dixie have about their heritage. Also the Flag seems to me to be a statement about Southern living, time with friends , barbaque and all that. Thus when this happened and the “ban” went into effect, I went to buy on Amazon….Nada. So I really appreciate your strength and commitment to Freedom. I got a shirt from one company and I will be buying a Flag from you tomorrow morning !

    God Bless You, God Bless Arkansas…. and of Course God Bless Texas.

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