U.S. flag insignia to be worn by all

Worn stars forward as if flying in breeze as soldier moves forward

Previously the U.S. flag insignia on the uniform was a privilege to only deploying troops. Now all soldiers can wear the U.S. flag insignia on the right shoulder of their uniform.Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Schoomaker approved the uniform item Feb. 11, but finding 30 million flags is another issue. The Army is giving deploying troops priority, others have until October 2005.

Currently there are not enough flags in the inventory, which is why Soldiers have a substantial amount of time to get the flags sewn on, Morales said. Deploying troops have the priority. Everyone else will have to wait until the Defense Logistics Agency has more in stock, he said. An estimated 30 million flags need to be procured, he added.

Army news service – By Sgt. 1st Class Marcia Triggs

Eventually all enlisted soldiers will receive 5 flags without purchase. Soldiers may purchase the U.S. flag insignia on their own, they will not be reimbursed.
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  1. Avatar Jim Thomas says:

    I am amoung other things a local Boy Scout Leader. I have never been given an answer to the following question, no matter who I ask. Here Goes- The Troops overseas wear the American Flag on their right shoulder as discussed, but why are they allowed to break tradition of the Field if stars on the flag upper left? This is a long standing regulation for flying the Stars and Stripes. Additionally I am an avid flag waver, and collect stars and stripes apparel. the only one piece of clothing I don’t currently own is flag underwear. I don’t think stars and stripes socks would be appropriate due to the fact that standing on the flag is a big no no. Freedoms Biggest Fan, Jim Thomas

  2. Avatar Kerry McCoy says:

    I know the reverse looking flag on the the shoulder of our soldiers looks funny but it is correct.

    The field of stars always leads. The flag as we know it is called the left side flag because it always goes on the left shoulder, the left side of a hat, the left side of an automobile, etc. The right side flag looks backwards (even though it sounds correct) because it always goes on the right side of any object moving forward. (like the wind would blow it)

    Because of the economies of scale and the lack of public knowledge the left side flag is usually printed in bulk and sold affordably. Most people prefer its look, even if it is slightly wrong.

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