Passion for country and duty

My “Up In Your Business” radio interview with the General Wesley Clark was thought provoking. He spoke passionately about duty towards country and comradery among mankind from all ilk’s. He made a great argument for the controversial idea of a mandatory 2-year term of service after high school. The General, who graduated first in his […]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs puts American Complaints in Check

There is no other place in the world like the good ole USA.  For the most part, American’s problems are of our own making. Foreigners come to this country barely speaking English, purchase a failing small business, work seven days a week, pay taxes, live modestly and achieve the American Dream. They feel blessed. The […]

Tell Me What ISIS Wants

Makeshift memorial after the ISIS attacks in Paris. What does ISIS Want? ISIS is not getting their message out.  What are their demands?  What is their objective? Does anyone know? If you poll your friends and neighbors you may hear, “to kill Westerners, or to kill Christians, or to kill Americans.”  But the fact is […]

We the sheeple…

I am always amazed at the sheep-like mentality of humans. I first heard the word propaganda when I was about 12. It was being used in conjunction with WWII. I was aghast, and I asked my big sister, how can you get a whole nation of people to commit genocide against each other? The answer: […]