March Madness

In the Flag business, the onset of March brings high winds, torn flags and disgruntled customers. But I’m not too concerned this year because, for the first time ever, March Madness arrives in Little Rock, in the form of the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament. Next weekend, Alltel Arena will be the sight of all the […]


Since I am from the South, I like leaving my g’s off words. It makes me feel like I’m writin in dialect. Anyway, I have always thought my day-dreamin, especially during class and right before I fall asleep, have had a lot to do with my success. I am a good daydreamer. Growing up I […]

My New Love

Everybody needs a new love now and again, just to make you feel alive and to feel that life is worth living. But it is hard to do that, especially when you want to have a successful marriage and I have been successfully married for 20 years. So how do you have your cake and […]

Special Easter

This was a very special Easter. My oldest son Gray, who is a freshman at Jacobs School of Music in Indiana, came home for Easter and brought a friend, Ed Cohen. Ed is a junior who is on a scholarship from London for one year. They met because they both love music. Gray is an […]

College Bound

It is back to school blues for everyone in my house except my oldest son, Gray. The moment he has been waiting for has finally arrived, “He’s Moving Out” with strings attached. We leave tomorrow for Indiana University, Jacobs School of Music. He has met his roommate on My Space. It is so convenient. I […]

She’s Here!

Evelyn Ann Pittman, my first grand-baby has arrived! On July 13th she popped out just in time for dinner, around 6:00 pm. Weighing in 8 lbs 1 oz. and 21 in long. Being a grandmother is everything that everybody ever told me it would be. And then some! Posted by kerry

Family Time

Am I responsible for all this over population? I believe I am. Meghan is due this Saturday, July 8th. With her mother being in the flag business she wanted to have it on July 4th but her baby had other plans. Mother and daughter are already bumping heads. My middle son Matt was born on […]