Inaugural Day Party

Where were you Inauguration Day? Where were you during Barack Obama’s swearing in ceremony on January 20, 2009? I will never forget where I was. Grady and I attended the Inaugural Day Party at the home of our friend Kaki Hockersmith. And not just any party but the best planned Inaugural party I have ever […]

America, Once Again

After a long primary season and a relatively anticlimactic general election, it feels as if we have a chance at being One America again. Regardless of who you voted for, Barack Obama defied the odds and one cannot help but feel the optimism that is in the air today. While those dancing in the streets […]

Election Peace

Peace after the election that is what I am looking for. Arkansas’ had a great September but October felt like slow motion. Half the country truly believes that if McCain is elected then the country is going to Hell in a hand basket and the other half of the country feels exactly the same […]

Wounded Soldier’s Email

This Holiday Season I expect to be a heart warming one, it will be the third anniversary of my Father’s passing. He died on Christmas Day along with my husband’s, fifteen year old, brother who died 20 years earlier on Christmas too. It is a special day for our family to get together and celebrate […]

Half Staff Flag Alerts

After the Virginia Tech Massacre we were inundated with etiquette questions about the flag. So we sent out this press release: New “Half Staff Flag Alert” Email Service Offered by Little Rock, Arkansas— (, a leading retail supplier of American flags and patriotic items, announced today that it will be offering its “Half Staff […]