The Dallas Gift Market Still Has it’s Place | What I Learned From Some Good, Old-Fashioned Shopping

Dallas Market

Son Gray and I attended the Dallas Gift Market this past week. It was my first time to go in years and I was curious to see if e-retail had affected the wholesale side of consumerism. The answer is yes. The crowds and the vendors were smaller, but I still found it educational. For instance, […]

Designing a “Good” Flag

From Brave Magazine: Having been in the flag business for over 40 years, I’ve seen both good and bad designs for custom flags. Many people overthink the process and clutter their flag with too much symbolism. You need to pare down your ideas and focus on what’s the most important thing you want to convey. […]

The All American Flag Acts and how they help the economy

100% American Made American Flag by

Since 2006, U.S. state legislatures have been introducing laws that require the purchase of American flags made 100% in the United States of America. It’s believed that about $3.6 million dollars worth of American flags are imported every year, $3.3 million coming from China. On the federal level the Department of Defense and the federal […]