Bought a New Phone System

Signed on the dotted line today for a new phone system . It came out to be $100 more a month than I was originally quoted. Extra phones, sales tax, property tax and something else. It is really a lease/purchase for 5 years with free upgrades and maintenance. I bought the service package too. […]

China Market

Just got back from my fact finding trip to China. Ever heard of Guangzhou on mainland China? Me either. People, people, people everywhere. It makes NYC look like the prairie. Smog so thick I never saw a blue sky. High rise tenant buildings so high that I can only imagine how much sewage must run […]

Over load

I have so much to write about I can’t seem to narrow it down to one quick, down and dirty (but fun) topic. -Telcove just hoisted up a huge new computer rack full of electronic boxes to my server room. This is to host my new fiber optics we are getting in November. Scary but […]

Employee Night Out

One of our media partners Citadel Broadcasting rented the Repertory Theater last night and invited all their customers to the play. And when I say all, I mean all, we were only one of many companies invited and we got to bring our families too. The play was “Of Mice and Men”. It was very […]

Make Hay While The Sun Shines

June is our biggest retail sales month of the year. In fact the whole second quarter is primo. This year I got smart and followed in the foot steps of the big retailers, like Dillard’s, and put a freeze on vacations during our busy season. This management decision protects the co-workers who would be left […]