Nepotism Isn’t a Dirty Word

In order to mitigate risks, large companies become inflexible and impersonal. Avoiding the risk of discrimination is accomplished by discouraging nepotism. But, at, we feel a societal duty to support our employee’s families and train the young. So much so, that our employee roster reads much like the book of Numbers in the Old Testament.

Putting Brave to Bed

We’re putting Brave to bed. I’m not sure how we manage to pull this off each season (and I use the word WE loosely, because it’s not me), but we do. Brave is our bi-annual magazine that began 4 years ago with the intent of co-op advertising with local businesses and highlighting some of […]

How Kerry McCoy Became an Enterprise

This multimedia empire began with $400 and a young woman brave enough to knock on doors. Orchestrating web, retail, non-profit, written and radio forums, Kerry McCoy Enterprises now umbrellas Flag and Banner, Dreamland Ballroom, Brave Magazine, and Up in Your Business radio talk show. Originally from North Little Rock, Arkansas, Kerry McCoy moved to Dallas […]

Designing a “Good” Flag

From Brave Magazine: Having been in the flag business for over 40 years, I’ve seen both good and bad designs for custom flags. Many people overthink the process and clutter their flag with too much symbolism. You need to pare down your ideas and focus on what’s the most important thing you want to convey. […]

Why You Should Just Say YES!

In my new endeavor of interviewing entrepreneurs on KABF public radio, I find them all to have one common personality trait, optimism. They’re all open to new opportunities and have this innate feeling that all is well. Gloria Steinem calls herself a “hope-aholic”. Saying ‘yes’ plays into this attitude of optimism and openness. There’s even […]