Send Me a Sign | An Update on the Future of Up In Your Business

This September will mark my third year as host of Up In Your Business on KABF radio. Though the show began as a mentoring program for entrepreneurs, it has become much more than that. It is the human-interest stories of my guests that listeners have found interesting and inspiring.

Nepotism Isn’t a Dirty Word

In order to mitigate risks, large companies become inflexible and impersonal. Avoiding the risk of discrimination is accomplished by discouraging nepotism. But, at, we feel a societal duty to support our employee’s families and train the young. So much so, that our employee roster reads much like the book of Numbers in the Old Testament.

Dreamland Construction Update | We Are More Alike Than You May Know

Its hard for people like me (and maybe you too) to let go and live in the moment; to “enjoy the ride.” I’ve done a pretty good job of training myself not to live in the past, to practice forgiveness for myself and others, but thoughts of the future can keep me preoccupied, worried, and impatient.

“I Don’t Understand” May Be The Smartest Thing You Will Ever Say

Contrary to popular belief, the phrase “I don’t understand” may be the most empowering sentence you will ever utter. As far back as I can remember, I was my father’s shadow– a bright, observant, and worrisome child, just behind his leg, listening to everything he said and didn’t say. I noticed early on when men […]

Hiring is tricky

Hiring is tricky. Employees are the nuts and bolts of most companies. Your company mojo comes from the spontaneous vibes your people emanate. Your company productivity comes from the fulfillment your people feel. Your mistake ratio comes from the pride your people share. Your company loyalty comes from the voice or your people being heard. […]

New Website Woes

Launching a new website is like herding cats.  It is allusive, unpredictable, and ever changing.  No one, not even Google understands the whole business. I am not a newbie to this internet business.  I launched my first website in 1995.  I will never forget where I was, when I heard about this new-fangled business opportunity.  […]